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TechMatrix, BELLSYSTEM24, and Intumit to Provide "CRM Next", a New Innovative Marketing Service based on Customer Insight Analysis for the Taiwanese Market


TECHMATRIX CORPORATION,BELLSYSTEM24,Inc. which operates contact center outsourcing business in Japan and overseas, and Intumit, Inc., a Taiwanese company, conducts Research and Development of cutting-edge AI (Artificial Intelligence) platforms as its core business. The three companies jointly developed the Customer Insight Analysis and Utilization Service, "CRM Next" (hereinafter referred to as "CRM Next"), which will be released by BELLSYSTEM24 for the Taiwanese market.

 By accumulating and analyzing customer insight data collected by contact center, CRM Next can provide optimal 1-to-1 customer experience to every customer effectively and efficiently, which can improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, to maximize customer LTV* compared to conventional marketing approach.

*: LTV (Life Time Value) : Customer Lifetime Value. The total amount a customer will spend on a product or service over their lifetime.

< Background and Goal >
Currently, in Taiwan, the effectiveness of marketing activities that utilize general customer attributes such as age and gender is stagnant and innovative methods for better understanding customer are eagerly required. Moreover, with the impact of COVID-19 to lifestyle, there have been rapid changes in consumer behaviors and purchasing patterns, the eagerness of establishing new marketing methods for better 1-to-1 promotional content become more and more prominent.

In response to the request of marketing transformation, TechMatrix, BELLSYSTEM24, and Intumit jointly developed CRM Next, an innovative marketing service to comprehensively enhance the results of marketing activities. By engaging with end customers through various channels such as SNS, chat, and telephone, contact center can collect and analyze customer insight and then utilize the insight to promote content more precisely.

With BELLSYSTEM24's business design and operation method that fulfills the needs of more than 1,000 clients and the know-how of local market provided by its Taiwan branch (BELLSYSTEM24, Inc. Taiwan Branch, established in 2020); TechMatrix's CRM system for effective management and analysis of customer insight; and Intumit's leading Conversational AI technologies and its extensive experience of system development and operation in digital transformation; a new innovative marketing service "CRM Next" arose to realize comprehensive marketing services.

< Service Overview >
BELLSYSTEM24 will provide support for the implementation of "CRM Next", which was jointly developed with TechMatrix and Intumit, as well as design of service operation and business process. In this service, the contact center will collect, analyze, and accumulate customer-specific information such as customer interests and preferences, how they spend their time on a weekend, and family structure by simple counseling during conversations with customers, thereby a customer data platform with first hand customer insight information can be developed. Whenever there is a customer's inquiry after that, the relevant data can be collated to suggest responses in a more customer-centric and intimate way. Also, effective 1-to-1 marketing that matches the customer's preferences can be conducted by precisely pushing notifications of events and coupons through the channels like LINE, Facebook, etc.

< Future Prospects >
TechMatrix, BELLSYSTEM24 and Intumit aim to deliver this service in 50 brand companies in Taiwan by 2024. By integrating the knowledge and technologies of the three companies, we will provide more value in all customer touch points including contact centers and create new business opportunities as well as expand the service to Japan and the rest of Asia in the future.

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