What is FastSeries?

FastSeries is a software package that includes a contact center CRM system
and FAQ system developed and provided by TechMatrix.
Combining outstanding usability and a rich set of practical features,
FastSeries enhances customer service quality and productivity, while helping cultivate customer loyalty.

  • Available Formats

    FastSeries is available in the form of an on-premises software package
    or as a cloud service, depending on user preferences

CRM System

FastHelp5 is a CRM system which optimizes customer support and enhances customer service quality.
Regardless of its industry types and scale, FastHelp5 is applicable to all contact centers.

  • For all industry types
  • Contact center
    CRM system
  • This is a package software that provides a rich array of practical features as standard based on an extensive implementation history.
    This is a CRM system used by contact centers in all industry types and sizes.

FAQ System

This is a FAQ system that makes it easy to keep track of FAQ knowledge items used by the contact center, and FAQs published on a company’s website as “Frequently Asked Questions” using a single system.

  • For all industry types
  • FAQ knowledge System
  • This is a FAQ system that is used by enterprises across all industries. This helps streamline customer service functions.

Other Solutions

This section looks at some of the links to trending services,
and other optional solutions provided with FastSeries products.

The contact center CRM system and FAQ system can be used in tandem,
or as standalone products.

  • 全業種向け
  • Web chat system
  • This makes it possible to respond to customers via web chat on your company’s home page. This seamlessly incorporates auto responses (AI/BOT) through links to various artificial intelligence (AI) services with manned responses made by an operator.

  • For all industry types
  • SNS Support
  • This enables customer responses via SNS services such as LINE and Facebook, greatly enhancing the omni-channel support potential of your contact center.

  • For all industry types
  • Digital Talk Scripts
  • This displays Talk Scripts required for contact center responses in the FastSeries CRM system. This helps prevent questions being overlooked when responding to customers, and standardizes the level of quality of responses.


Please direct all inquiries on pricing and implementation,
and requests to send documentation to the following.