Web chat system

For all industry types

FastChat is a customer inquiry response solution that leverages a CRM system provided by TechMatrix to chat with customers on a company’s home page.
This seamlessly incorporates auto responses by linking to various artificial intelligence (AI) services with manned responses sent by an operator.

Features of FastChat

  • Incorporating web chat as a customer service channel

  • Response histories for web chat inquiries are integrated and managed in FastHelp in the same manner as inquiries by phone, email and other channels, establishing an efficient means for collecting “customer feedback.”

  • Manned operator response

  • Customers submit an inquiry over web chat on the company’s home page, to which a web chat response is given by an operator. The ability to give a quick and courteous response over web chat helps boost customer satisfaction.

  • Auto responses using artificial intelligence (AI) systems

  • FastChat can link to various artificial intelligence (AI) systems to provide an automatic response to inquiries using a chat bot. This can be used to resolve customer inquiries 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

  • Smoothly switch between
    chat bot and operator

  • Users can switch between a chat bot and manned responses by an operator to smoothly carry on with an inquiry using the chat history as a reference.


Use FastChat to promote omni-channel support.
Centrally manage points of contact with a diverse range of customers
to help improve customer service satisfaction and enhance contact center productivity.

  • Contact centers
  • Enhance productivity

  • A single operator can now respond to multiple customer inquiries. We have also improved response assist functions, such as the use of past response histories and template functions, to help streamline responses and boost productivity.

  • Customer
  • Customer satisfaction improvements

  • Increasing the range of response channels available makes it possible to establish contact centers that are instantly available anytime, anywhere, further boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Management personnel
  • Customer loyalty improvements

  • Use a chat bot to introduce an auto response service that operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for greater cost effectiveness. Customer service quality improvements also help bolster customer loyalty.

Main features

  • Smoothly respond to multiple inquiries at once!
    Multi-person chat responses
  • A user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. A single operator can respond to inquiries from multiple customers at once.
  • Improve the quality of inquiry responses!
    Prohibited word settings/real-time monitoring
  • The quality of chat responses is improved by sending alerts of prohibited words in a response before the operator sends the chat message, and through the use of administrator monitoring functions.
  • Implement a web chat that fits in with the design of your company’s home page!
    Change designs
  • You can freely set the theme color and design of the chat window. You can also adjust the display position.
  • Visual data on customer feedback!
    Report function
  • Use stats on response history searches and downloads, and report functions to analyze the state of use by the contact center, and provide a visual representation of inquiry trends.

List of Features

  • Multi-person chat responses
  • Response assist functions
  • Register user information
  • Set prohibited words
  • Incoming call notifications
  • Push URL function
  • Rating function (Questionnaire)
  • Send files
  • Set operating times
  • Change designs
  • Download function
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Manage chat response history
  • Manage operator groups
  • Report function
  • AI/BOT links

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