Contact center CRM system

For all industry types

FastHelp5 is a CRM system for contact centers (call centers)
provided by TechMatrix.
FastHelp5 can be used by customer service operations from all industries, and of all sizes.
This system allows for the integrated management of customer information and response histories, as well as providing omni-channel support to help bolster contact center productivity and customer satisfaction.

Features of FastHelp5

  • Provides all features
    required for contact center operation

  • This is a package software that provides a rich array of practical features as standard based on an extensive implementation history. A broad range of features essential to contact center operations are available from the start.

  • A user interface
    that is overwhelmingly easy to use

  • User-friendly design and operability that never tires the user out, even after extended use. A layout that does not interrupt the work (thought) flow, coupled with self-customization functions that ensure a smoother response to customer inquiries.

  • Centrally manage and share
    all information across the company

  • Integrated management customer information and response histories across multiple channels, including phone, email and chat messages. In addition to ensuring that issues are promptly escalated to personnel inside and outside the center, FastHelp5 aids the sharing of collected data across the entire company.

  • Flexibility in customized development
    tailored to different usage scenarios

  • FastHelp5 supports flexibility in customized development tailored to different contact center needs, including the size and activities of the center, and usage scenarios. TechMatrix comes up with the optimal plan for resolving the challenges faced by each contact center.

  • Support for changing needs and operating environments

  • FastHelp5 uses a system configuration that can flexibly adapt to changes in the number of operators, increases in the number of contact centers, and other changes. It can also be readily tailored to meet company-specific needs, allowing for the use of CTI, artificial intelligence (AI) and other related solutions, while also providing the ability to link and connect to other internal systems.


Using FastHelp5 helps improve the quality of responses to customer inquiries by the contact center and streamlines operations,
while also acting as a powerful tool for enhancing employee and customer satisfaction.

  • Contact centers
  • Maximizing performance

  • The "leeway" and “focus” afforded by having a vast, easy-to-use feature set at one’s disposal improves the quality of responses to customer inquiries and productivity. This also helps alleviate stress and motivates operators.

  • Customer
  • Satisfaction improvement

  • Inquiries communicated by phone, email, fax, on the web, in chat messages, over SNS and other channels are resolved on the spot. A conscientious response to customer inquiries greatly enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Management personnel
  • Customer loyalty improvement

  • The ability to grasp the customer’s reaction to company products and services in real time aids the making of prompt management decisions. Customer service quality improvements also help bolster customer loyalty.

  • Sales department
  • Strengthening of the ability to carve out new potential sales

  • The integrated management and sharing of customer information promotes the implementation of sales activities based on a sufficient understanding of customer needs.

  • Related departments
  • Response to market needs

  • FastHelp5 makes it possible to retrieve and analyze feedback useful for new product development, product improvements and marketing activities. This also helps optimize investment.

Main features

  • Customize the screen to your liking!
    Self-customization features
  • FastHelp5 is packed with features that allow you to customize the screen based on how you work. Hide unnecessary features, and rearrange and change the color of other functions.
  • UP!
  • Quickly search and promptly respond!
    Response assist functions
  • Use a rich set of knowledge search features to quickly find what you are looking for. This helps operators to accurately and smoothly respond to customer inquiries.
  • Prevent information being omitted in responses!
    Alert function
  • Multifaceted alert settings are available. This is useful when trying to efficiently process large volumes of inquiries.
  • Improved visualization support!
    Report function
  • FastHelp5 includes a report function that provides a simultaneous view of multiple sources of statistical data. Use this to visualize KPIs, etc.
  • UP!
  • Integrated management of all contact channels!
    Multi-channel support
  • Inquiries received by phone, email, fax, on the web, in chat messages, over SNS and other channels are managed in an integrated manner.

List of Features

  • Customer information management function
  • Response history management function
  • Self-customization features
  • Response assist functions
  • Report function
  • Outbound function
  • Messaging function (internal center chat)
  • Alert function
  • Ticket tracking function
  • Import/export
  • Talk script function
  • Multi-tenant function
  • Approval/Workflow function
  • Escalation function
  • Processed information monitoring function
  • To Do list function
  • CTI link
  • Phone Recording link
  • Voice Recognition link
  • Data link
  • Screen link

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Please direct all inquiries on pricing and implementation,
and requests to send documentation to the following.